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I'm Lillian.

Registered Social Worker​ and graduate with MSW from the University of Windsor

Using my empathy and innovation, I strive to create a safe space for you to discover your full potential in a freeing, safe, open, and effective way.

I welcome you to walk towards your purpose, by providing you with all the necessary tools to navigate life with ease.


Having over 15 years of experience, I provide Mental Health, Psychotherapy and Wellness Support.

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Lillian Lodik

Unity, Diversity,
and Support

Hope and solidarity for individuals seeking refuge and empowerment within our counselling center.

Freedom Counselling Centre embodies the essence of compassion, diversity, and the transformative potential of therapeutic support.

I am available for

Explore our range of comprehensive services designed to support your mental wellness journey.

From individual therapy to group sessions, we’re here to help you thrive!

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 Confidential and supportive space for individuals to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

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Led by a skilled facilitator, these sessions foster connection, understanding, and mutual support among participants.

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Convenient and confidential access to therapy from the comfort of your own space through secure video conferencing platforms.

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Group Sessions & Workshops

Elevate your group sessions and workshops with our expert therapist.

Book tailored sessions to enhance well-being, promote mental health awareness, and foster personal growth.

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